BRIGHTMEADOW TIMOTHY Timmy went to Margaret Bett to mate a bitch. Fell in love and stayed. He is very happy there and we are thrilled that Margaret and David think so much of him. He is a dog with a first class and very loving temperament.
Macey Tims Dutch daughter She has won her Junior Champions title aged 14 months What a beautiful Liver Bitch
Not all the most influential dogs you own turn out to be great show dogs. 
They may turn out to be prolific producers of quality or just have a lesson to teach. Here are a few that have had a big influence good or bad on our plans and our breeding program.

Sater Nordlicht Travlin Man Bred to move and he certianly passed it on.

Lewemma Razzle Dazzle - bred to move she sure could but she hates the show ring and is happy at home. A real disappointment , proof that show dogs can be frustrating and its not all plain sailing. 
Strco Stealing The Show For Brightmeadow.  aka Shelby the nutter.

This bitch is a real handfull, she, really cant behave but we love her attitude and her outgoing nature. We decided we would mate her to Finn. If she can produce dogs like Gracie and Woody she never need step inside the ring ropes again. 

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