Chief Gale hunting with Llandeilo. A good racehorse under rules, winner of a chase at Newton Abbott but a fantastic hunt horse whipping in for six seasons in all weathers.
Unfortunatly Charlie passed late 2013 he will be missed

Some come and some go some stay in your heart forever

Johnstonsville, Maggie always had faith in this horse, he had legs like glass and the heart of a lion, he bolted up at 33-1 in his maiden and broke his heart trying.
Rathgibbon by name, Monkey by nature. If ever there was a talent who hid his light it was this horse. He was the winner of nine races and could have won many more but he hated hard work but loved a joke.
 MR JOHNNY BARTON. My Mentor -- He understood horses he understood hounds and he understood me. No longer with us but his lessons echo in our ears every day
Maggie and Chief Gale. She bought him from the knacker man, nursed him back to health and inspite of our reservations, rode him in races. She inspired him as she does all who are willing to listen to this extraordinarily dedicated woman.
Horses have been a huge part of our lives, giving us both great moments of joy and heart breaking sadness, but we have learned that
tomorrow is another day
and that hard work and dedication will bring great rewards. We have applied our work ethic and some of the training methods, perfected over many years to condition our dogs both mentally and physically, after all a strong body and a weak mind are a poor partnership.

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